2017 - 2018 Spring Semester

    1/14 - School Starts
    2/11 - Chinese New Year Celebration at Oak Middle School
    2/18 - No School. Chinese New Year Holiday Break
    4/1 - No school. Easter Sunday
    6/10 - Last day of the semester if no UMASS Graduation Commencement
    6/17 - Last day of the semester if 6/10 is UMASS Graduation Commencement
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2018 Chinese New Year Celebration


2018 Chinese New Year Celebration Snapshots

LionDance LionDance2
Opening1 Opening2
DonationToLibrary IssueCertificate
FishInTheFlowerPond FishInTheFlowerPond2
KungFu Sword KungFu Sword2
MsShenClass MsShenClass2
StJohns StJohns1
MsHuangClass MsHuangClass2
MCs OakMiddle
StJohns2 StJohns3
MsShenClass1 MsHoClass

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2017 龙舟赛决赛

More Videos:Practice Round 1 Round 2 Semi-Final Final

MASSBCLS won Community Group First Place(2017/09/23)

Race Results

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Chinese School Class 2017 Graduation(2017/06/10)

2017 Public Relations

Jan. 28, 2017

Jason Palitsch, Guy Glodis, Hannah Elizabeth Kane, Mike Moore, Alex Zaqueira, Dr. Joe Sawyer, Principal Weichu Xu at Chinese New Year Celebration(2017/1/28)

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